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Catherinette Receives a Fashion Citation

3 Dec

It seemed like a good idea this morning.  As I stood in front of the mirror and admired my outfit, I was convinced that everything matched.  Nice pants, cute top, great sweater, cute flats.  The outfit was an A+.

2o minutes later as I was walking into the office building I caught my reflection in the glass doors. 

What the fuck was I thinking?

Separately, the pieces look good.  Together, it kind of looks like I got dressed in the dark.  Olive green pants, brown flats, and brown top.  That part looks good.  What kills the entire thing is the brown cardigan I’m wearing.  The brown cardigan with giant pink flowers.  Why on earth did I think these pink flowers would look nice with these olive pants?

If anyone asks, I’m going to tell them that 3 year old Lucy(fer) picked out the outfit and I love her too much to say no.

Outfit today = BFFF (big fat fucking fail)