Always Take Table 14

18 Nov

This morning I nerded out and headed over to The Elephant House cafe in Old Town. Why, you ask. Because that’s where J.K. Rowling used to go to pen Harry Potter. Yeah, that’s right, I’m gay for Harry Potter, so freaking sue me! You’ll be happy to know there will be no more mention of Harry Potter or J.K. Rowling in this post. Instead, I’m going to tell you all about the secret treasure I discovered at table 14.

The place is filled with old tables and chairs, and I chose a table that overlooked Greyfriars and had a view of the castle. It was a table for 5 and I noticed there was a drawer in front of me that had something sticking out of it. Being the nosey person I am, I opened the drawer to investigate. There inside were tons and tons of letters that people that had previously sat at that table had left behind.

I spent 30 minutes rifling through all the drawers and reading the notes left behind by past visitors. I don’t know what it was about it, but I found it to be so thrilling! While I didn’t leave a note of my own behind (because I had no paper), I did decie to take some pictures of some of the funnier ones. I think you will enjoy.

You’ll want to click on the images to make them larger.




If you ever make it to Edinburgh, make sure to head over to The Elephant House and sit at table 14. And don’t forget a pen and some paper.

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