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What Gives?

27 Oct

Explain to me why everyone keeps checking the peen counter over there on the upper right hand side of the blog?  Has there been any secret indication that there might have been a close encounter of the peen kind?

There have been 116 hits in the last 30 days.  And that’s hits to the counter, not to my bits. 

So, what gives?

Just the Tip Tuesday (10/27/09)

27 Oct

Have you caught the fever?

No, not the fever one might get by meeting Foxy Luv in the bus station, or Jewcy Bits behind the local Safeway.  Trust me, that’s not the kind of fever that you want.  Not even antibiotics can help you get rid of the “extras” that you’ll get with that type of fever.

I’m talking about Glee fever – and you need to catch it IMMEDIATELY if not sooner.  How can you say no to snarky Sue Silverster with her Addidas track suits, or preggers Quinn as she tries to keep her man, or Kurt Hummel as he works sashays around the school in his new Marc Jacobs jacket and struts his stuff to Beyonce’s* Single Ladies, or Finn (SWOON), or Rachel, or any of them?  You can’t.  You must love them like I do.

You just can’t help but smile when Will Schuester (played by Matthew Morrison) struts around singing Bust a Move or The Thong Song.  It’s gold!!

matthew morrison

"Hello, Cath. I would like to bust a move in your thong."

It’s worth checking out.  Trust me.  In fact, you can check out one of the videos by going here.  It’s for Bust a Move and the song was so FANTASTIC that I immediately had to download it on itunes.  Man, would I like to bust some windows out of some people’s cars.  God that would bring me such joy.


*I hate Beyonce with a passion that will never die.  In fact, this passion will burn longer than your wiener after you do it to Foxy or the Olympic Flame.  Fuck Beyonce in her stupid fucking mouth.  God, I hate her.  Whore.