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Just the Tip Tuesday (10/20/09)

20 Oct

This fabulous Tuesday finds yours truly trapped at home with some horrible hemorrhagic fever.  Hopefully, I won’t bleed out any time soon so as not to rob you of the joys that JTT brings.

Before I present you with this week’s pick, I feel it’s critical that you know that I’m watching an HBO documentary on a beauty pageant that takes place in one of the Bogata prisons.  A real beauty pageant.  It’s unreal!  They introduce themselves and instead of saying that they represent a certain city, they say something along the lines of, “My name is Maria Lopez and I’m representing cellblock 13!”  Then the crowd goes wild!

Really?  Really ladies?  A beauty pageant in prison?

Oh!  Wait!  One of them looks like Viveca Fox with a blonde weave.  I hope she wins.    She’s in prison for 3 years for robbery and assault.  Wonder what the prize actually is?  Do they knock time off the sentence?  Do they get an extra serving of pudding at meal time?  Oh!  Or maybe they get a carton of smokes.  Would you look at that!  There’s even a choreographed opening sequence AND a talent competition!

Anyway, here’s this week’s JTT: Eddie Cibrian.

eddie cibrian

Look, I don’t care that he and Lianne Rimes (or however you spell her name) had an affair.  As a matter of fact I’m delighted to hear it because that means that he’s willing to make bad decisions.  And guess what?  “Bad decisions” is my middle name.

Eddie, call me.