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Too Quick to Judge?

11 Oct

If it were possible, I would wear a judge’s robe and carry a gavel with me wherever I go.  That’s how much I love judging other people.  If it were a sport, I’d be a gold medal winner.  There’s no one else on earth that could possibly have as much fun judging people as I do.  And if such a person exists, then we’re meant to be best friends or mortal enemies (it all comes down to what they’re wearing on the day we meet).

Yesterday I mentioned that I was going out with a friend of 3D’s and I called her a bitch.  Know what?  I was totally wrong.  She’s an absolute delight and I like her.  Clearly I was wrong.  That’s right, people, Catherinette Singleton is admitting that she was wrong.  Expect the rivers to turn to blood and frogs to fall from the sky – it’s going to happen any time.

One of the things I really enjoyed about hanging out with her is when we discussed how off balance we all thing he is.

It was wonderful.

Know what else?  He can’t keep his friends because I like them and they like me and he can stay at home and wallow in his feelings all by himself.