His Version of “Game” is Equal to “Hungry, Hungry Hippos”

9 Oct

Guess who I talked to last night?? I’ll give you a little hint: he’s probably used to using a phone that more like this than a real phone.


That’s right, ladies and germs, I talked to The Child last night. I waited a full 24 hours to return his phone call, mainly because I’m about as immature as he is and feel it’s important to play loads of silly games. And that’s not a reference to “Chutes and Ladders”. Being as immature as I am, I also took the liberty of using Slydial when I called him.

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One Response to “His Version of “Game” is Equal to “Hungry, Hungry Hippos””

  1. Wynn October 10, 2009 at 10:24 am #

    Haha awesome. Did he gurgle happily when you joked around?

    Damn you, Wynn! -CS

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