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These Are Not the Droids You Were Looking For

6 Oct






Wonder Woman


The Wonder Twins

Even fucking Claire from “Heroe’s”

There are countless superheroes that are out there, but none of them have a power that is as AWESOME as the Jedi Mind Trick.  If I could have any power in the world, it would be Obi Wan Kenobi’s ability to do the Jedi Mind Trick (or JMT as I like to call it because I’m lame, but not as lame as Foxy who is a self proclaimed Trekker.  Or is it Trekkie?  Who cares, either way it’s lame).

Imagine how much easier life would be with JMT.  You could convince people who your work was more than the mediocre crap you’ve been trying to pull, you could convince that hot new intern that they wanted to sleep with you, you could even convince Obama to give you a position in his cabinet.

Me?  I would definitely abuse my powers and probably use them more for evil than for good.  I totally have the makings of an evil superhero.

What would you choose as your superpower?

Just the Tip Tuesday (10/06/09)

6 Oct

There’s nothing like running into a handsome stranger and stalking them when they’re not looking.  I know that some people might call this type of behavior “illegal”, but I like to refer to it as “a hobby.”

On my way home from my work trip last week, I ran into a tall drink of water.  Man, was he hot.  I could hear you all whispering in my ear, “Go and talk to him!”  So I did what I normally do, lurk in the shadows and took pictures of him when he wasn’t looking. 

random hotty

I’m dedicating this JTT to all you random hot strangers that I haven’t met and plan on never talking to.