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Just the Tip Tuesday (08/25/09)

25 Aug

When life hands you lemons fuck lemonade.  No, seriously, fuck it.  I don’t want it, it’ll make my stomach feel worse than it already does.  And fuck the lemons while we’re at it, and maybe even life a little.

As I’m in the midst and moping over 3D (again), I’ve had to look for ways to distract myself.  After heading over to my mom’s house last night and pretending that everything was fine (because I refuse to tell her anything), I went home and planted myself on the couch.  I proceeded to waste the next 2 hours watching Vh1’s “My Antonio.”

There is nothing like watching a bunch of skanks make fools of themselves to make yourself feel better over stupid shit you’ve done.  At least my life wasn’t broadcast on national television for all of the world to mock.  In addition to thanking my lucky stars for not being stupid enough to have the desire to go on one of those shows, I also found myself staring at the hot body belonging to Antonio Sabato Jr.

antonio sabato

Dude is FINE!  At 37 he makes many men younger than he is look like little boys.  His body is still hot, and he has that sleaze appeal that some cheesy car salesmen have.  Still, I’d do him – maybe not today because I’m still pathetic and gay for 3D, but someday…

And seriously, fuck those lemons.