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Just the Tip Tuesday (08/19/09)

18 Aug

First of all, you’re welcome.  Seriously, you’re going to want to thank me after today’s post.  No need to thank me.  Instead, you can thank the casting people at HBO’s True Blood for casting a show full of hotties.  There’s a little something in that show for everyone.  You want to see Anna Paquin naked and gyrating?  True Blood is the show for you!  You want to see delicious man candy parading around naked and bare assed?  True Blood will deliver!  You want to see a crazy orgy featuring hot people, fat people, old people, etc?  Woo hoo for True Blood!

What would really make the show spectacular is if there was more naked time for True Blood’s Eric, Alexander Skarsgard:

Delicious Alexander Skarsgard

Yummy!  Tell me you wouldn’t want to see some of that naked and breathless above you?  I know I would!  I’ve always been a Jason Stackhouse girl myself, but something happened this season that has made Eric that much more delicious.  I’d venture to say that he’s probably the breakfast of champions, and guess what?  It’s breakfast time.

Now, if only they would kill off Maryann…