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Good Vibrations

13 Aug

I was appalled to hear that one of my friends (who is older than the age of 18) does not own a vibrator.  That’s a tragedy.  Forget world hunger, the global recession, etc.  There is nothing worse than having to flick your own bean when you can have a vibrating toy that flicks it for you.

So, my kind readers, what would you suggest as a good starter toy?

What about websites you’ve used for purchasing said toy?

She’s Still Got It

13 Aug

No, this isn’t a reference to that terrible crack addition or that horrible cold sore that she gets from time to time. 

Check out her comment to yesterday’s JTT:

Young James Spader can do a line of blow off this hooker’s back any day of the week and twice on Sunday (that’s right – the Lord’s day is for rest and what’s more restful then doing a line of blow off a hooker’s back?).

Old James Spader can appear in Liberty Medical Supply ads, but will not be doing lines of blow – or Crestor – off this hooker’s back. In the words of Whitney Houston – “Hell to the no!”

You know what makes it even more hilarious?  She’s telling the truth.  Let me remind you that Foxy is with child and sporting a baby bump.  Nothing like doing a line of coke off the back of some pregnant crack whore.

That’s comedy right there, people.  Comedy gold.