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Just the Tip Tuesday (08/11/09)

11 Aug

In honor of the passing of the great John Hughes, I’m dedicating the rest of this month’s JTT to 80’s teen idols that appeared in his films.  It’s the right thing to do.  I know that John Hughes would be so touched by this incredible gesture of mine.  Touched or appalled – sometimes they are one in the same.

We all know (or at least we should know) John Hughes for just about every single movie that he directed.  Did you know, that he only actually directed 8 movies?  Yeah, it’s true, he did.  He wrote almost 40 of movies, and one of those was “Pretty in Pink”.

Fuck Andrew McCarthy and Jon Cryer – they were nothing to James Spader’s arrogant Steff who tried to get on Molly Ringwald.  Frankly, I don’t know why Molly Ringwald was all hung up on the nice rich guy when she could have had the debauched rich guy.  Especially when he looked like this:

James Spader

I’d like to make it clear that I’m referring to a YOUNG James Spader in this week’s JTT.  Sadly, time has gotten the better of him and he looks like I do when I’m close to getting my period and have taken in far too much salt.  Bloated James Spader is nowhere near as hot as young delicious James Spader.

Special shout out to Sarah Cunningham for suggesting this week’s feature.