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Nintendo Throws a KICK ASS Party

29 Jul

There are times when I find that I am living the dream.  I’m talking THE dream.  Sure, it’s not a naughty dream starring the likes of Hugh Grant or Hugh Jackman, but life can be pretty sweet.  Sure, it’s been almost a year since I saw the naked body of a man breathless and sweating beneath me, but whatever, sometimes life gives me lemonade instead of rancid lemons.

Take, for example, the night when I hosted a KICK ASS party.  The planets must have aligned, and everything fell right into place as I found myself being asked to host a Nintendo Girlfriends Guide to Gaming party.  Lack of peen may make me cranky, but it does NOT make me stupid.  “Hell yeah!” I told them.

I am not a gamer, I never have been, but I know an opportunity when it starts trying to kick down my door.  How could I possibly turn down a free DSi Lite AND free booze?  I can’t, that’s how.  The date was set, the invites were sent, and the outfits were picked out for a fun filled night of gaming, boozing, and whoring (the whoring was only done by JewcyBits).  I got my DSi Lite a few days early have found myself sucked in to playing Brain Age 2 every night before I go to bed.

That fateful night, my girlfriends and I found ourselves in a pimped out art gallery in Washington DC.  There was champagne, there was food, there were TONS of games, there were fancy settings, there was more champagne, and there were plenty of TWSSjokes to go around. 

We all made our way around the room to the different gaming stations.  Most everyone found themselves to be incredibly stupid when it came to Crosswords and Brain Age 2 – clearly we needed to have less booze and concentrate a little more.  Some of us had sweet rhythm when we played Rhythm Heaven, and the rest of us couldn’t find a beat if it kicked us in the head.  And don’t get me started on Mario Kart.  Some of the ladies were making so much noise I was pretty sure that we were violating some kind of noise ordinance. 

The party was seriously awesome.  And even MORE awesome was the fact that all of the 20+ ladies were given a goody bag at the end of the night.  A goody bag filled with a DSi Lite and Brain Age 2 (which is addictive as sin).  Oh, and did I mention that they also get points so they can purchase additional games online?

Did I mention the champagne?  Those dudes making the rounds had a Spidey Sense – the second you were down to your last sip, they would appear out of nowhere and refill the glass.  I had half a mind to bring them all home with me.

The night could have ended perfectly if the Cock Blocking Duo (my sister and Jewcy Bits) hadn’t harnassed their super cock blocking powers and dragged me home.  Bitches.  If only Nintendo made some virtual peen…