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14 Jul

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Just the Tip Tuesday (07/14/09)

14 Jul

I’m dedicating this one to Chef Greenwho threatened to car bomb me if I posted a Harry Potter actor in JTT.  I want you to look at this young (but of age) piece of meat and tell me the kid isn’t hot and has some major potential.


Freddie Stroma, ladies and gentlemen. He used to be a male model and know what? I’d pay good money to see this kid in a homemade porno. Especially if it was our homemade porno.

Sure he’s old enough to be my kid – assuming I got knocked up when I was 12.  Which is actually impossible because I didn’t even touch a peen until I was 17.  So I guess he couldn’t really be my kid, more like the kid I used to babysit.  I’m a cradle robber.  So sue me.