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A Very Special TWSS

9 Jul

As you all know, I’m extremely immature and will look for any opportunity to yell “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!”  One of the things that I love most about Jewcy Bits is not that she lends me quality movies like “Ass Painters” (for reals, yo)*.  No, no, it’s that she too is as immature as I am and we spend 90% of our time adding “TWSS” to any conversation we have.

While on vacation with the family last week, my nephew began talking to his food and said,

Prepare to come in my mouth.

I believe we all know where this is going…



*Please don’t make me tell you about the movie, it was freaking horrifying and I have to cry myself to sleep and fear that I will have nightmares from what I saw on the screen.

Further Proof That Life Hates Me

9 Jul

Murphy’s Law

If you wear white pants, you will spill something on them.

Catherinette’s Law

If you wear white pants, you will spill something on them AND you will get your period early.

I’ve been wearing these stupid pants for less than 2 hours, and in that time, I’ve managed to dump an ENTIRE cup of coffee in my lap AND get my period a week early. Great. Awesome. White freaking pants. I knew this was going to happen, I freaking KNEW it, and yet I wore them anyway. “Ha ha” I thought to myself as I was putting them on this morning, “wouldn’t it be funny if I got my period today?” Yeah, not funny.

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