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Just the Tip Tuesday (07/07/09)

7 Jul

Damn you for not giving a funny man a chance every once in awhile.  Do you hear me? Damn you!  Some of you were appalled with last week’s JTT pick.  Guess what?  You needn’t lose your faith in my ability to bring you hot man candy.  I’m about to redeem myself.

Ladies (and boys who like boys), feast your eyes on Superman (from “Smallville”) himself, Tom Welling.

tom welling

Mmm…so good when it hits your lips.

According to my girlfriend that owns 2 restaurants in Martha’s Vineyard, he spends a lot of time on the island.  Unfortunately for all the local girls, he is usually clothed.  Man, if he paraded around without his shirt on, I’d have to move there permanently.