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I Can Feel My IQ Dropping

30 Jun

Once again my sister has the remote control.  Thankfully, today I’m not being forced to watch “House Hunters”.  Instead, she’s decided that tonight we should watch “NYC Prep”.

It’s like the real version of “Gossip Girl”.  Oh, wait, or the NYC version of “Laguna Beach”.  It’s freaking awful.  I’ve just spent the last 5 minutes watching 3 girls (all around 16 and under) discussing how they’ve all been out with this one dude.  Apparently, if you’re a rich girl that lives in NYC you’re drawn to total f’ing tools.  The guy seriously spent more time flipping his hair during one date than all of the girls combined one the show.

Oh, sweet.  Since she can’t stand commercials we’re now watching some retarded exposes on Michael Jackson.

If she doesn’t stop soon, I’m going to wrestle the remote out of her hand and beat her with it.

Just the Tip Tuesday (06/30/09)

30 Jun

I’m a sucker for a funny man.  What woman isn’t?  I’m not confessing that I have a mad crush on Larry the Cable Guy or Jeff Foxworthy (or whatever the hell that dude’s name is).  I don’t do well with that whole WT genre.  F that, I totally pass.

I do, however, find myself drawn to men that have a more developed sense of humor.  Dudes like Steve Martin (who rocks the white hair), and even Billy Murray (a teeny tiny bit).  But my favorite one of all, has got to be Chevy Chase.


Come on!  The dude is a comedic genius.  And sure his talk show never panned out, but man, is the dude HILARIOUS in Fletch.  That has to be one of my all time favorite movies.  I could easily sit down and watch that movie over and over again.  I will admit that the haircut that he’s sported all of these years hasn’t necessarily been the most fashionable (unless you happen to be a little Dutch boy), but still, I’d do him.