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Just the Tip Tuesday (06/23/09)

23 Jun

I know, I know.  I’ve been slacking with my JTT duties lately.  I’m sorry.  Okay??  Get off my back already! (twss)

Before we go any further with today’s posting, I want sent something straight: I am not a scifi geek.  I never watch Star Trek, I’m not gay for The Next Generation (like Foxy is), I never saw a single episode of the new Battlestar Galactica series, and not once in my life have I watched Firefly.  I’ve heard all of the buzz about Firefly but whatever, it takes place in space so that automatically makes me not want to watch it.

Last night, however, I did tune in to watch an episode of Castle (starring the same dude from Firefly).  I debated with myself (since there’s no one else around) as to whether or not I should subject myself to a show that stars a guy from a scifi show. 

Thank the Lord in heaven I did, because Nathan Fillion is fine.  In fact, is scifine (wow, that was really bad):


He is so fine, in fact, that I might have to reconsider watching Firefly.