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Protected: What the Hell Kind of Food is That?

19 Jun

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Putting the “BJ” in “BJHNoM”

19 Jun

Those of you that have been readers for some time (all 3 of you) know that I’m not conservative by any stretch of the imagination.  Post topics have ranged from Bartles & Jaymes to golden showers to yeast infections to gay sex in the men’s room to Lord only knows what else.  I believe we’ve even discussed porn.  No?  Maybe we should.

Another time.

Although I’m liberal and pretty much game for discussing just about anything, I’m still shocked by some of the search terms that lead people to this little blog.  This goes way beyond the “pooping tranny” search which seems to be a popular search term. 

Let me share some examples of the disturbing ones:

  • girl motorboating guys ass
  • nikki sixx tommy lee raped dirt

I don’t care how much you’re getting paid or how desperate you are for just one more hit, there is NO reason on this earth why anyone should motorboat a guy’s ass.  No reason.