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The Truth Behind Foxy’s Disappearance

14 Jun

Rumors have been floating around the internet regarding Foxy’s whereabouts.  There are several 100 websites dedicated to identifying truck stops and bus stations where you may find Foxy giving wristies in the last stall.  A dozen other websites have appeared with reports that Foxy has been checked into the Betty Ford Clinic.  And there’s even one that’s indicated that Foxy has succumbed to a raging case of the clap. 

All of those rumors are false.  Her case of the clap was pretty mild and successfully treated with a course of antibiotics.

A bunch of you have been emailing me asking what the hell has happened to Foxy.  Okay, 2 of you, but still…  Well, just like Pistols before her, Foxy is too busy living her life to bother to entertain us with her stories.  I know, I know.  What a bitch.  Oh, and to make matters more interesting, that dirty little vag joke loving bitch has gone and knocked herself up.  And that my dears, is the truth.  Our beloved Foxy Luv is with child. 

For those of you that were hoping to get that toothless BJ at the local bus station, no need to worry: Foxy is still looking to make some extra cash on the side.