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Surrounded by Drama

8 Jun

Monday morning.  Kill me now.  The only thing that’s helping me make it through the day are all of the insanely stupid stories being featured on CNN today.  Front page stories that include thrilling headlines like “Stephen Colbert gets Military Haircut” or “Ticker: Ears Looked Just like Obama’s, Aide Says.” 

By far the most compelling headline of all is “Bret Michaels Hits Prop at Tony Awards.”  What the hell is he doing at the Tony Awards?  I mean, sure, he enjoys surrounding himself by drama (case in point: Rock of Love Season 1, Rock of Love Season 2, and Rock of Love: Bus).  A bunch of crazy strippers punching each other and pouring salsa in one another’s suitcases is one type of drama, Bret Michaels performing at the Tony Awards is quite another.

I’m kind of pissed that I missed the whole damn thing.  I imagine flocks of skanks coming out of wings trying to rescue his bandana and extensions. 

Comedy gold…