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Protected: I Will Punch You in Your Stupid Mouth

27 May

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The Mouth Herp

27 May

Guess who has a dirty cold sore (obviously the result of partaking in too many debauched shenanigans in the mens’ room) sprouting on their lip?

No, it’s not Foxy!  Though that would have been my first guess too.  She’s really cut her hours back at the bus station and is trying to spend more time at home with the family these days. 

It’s not Pistols who decided to get himself a life and has stopped blogging.  Oh, Pistols, he’s made me so angry that I could throw things.  I mean really, how freaking DARE HE??  Those of us without lives need to be entertained by his shenanigans.  We must all grieve.  For those of you that thought he had just shunned you and that’s why you were locked out of his blog, rest assured that he has shunned all of us and is too busy looking at online porn to write anymore.  Bastard.

No, no, my friends, it was our dear sweet and oh-so-innocent Claude that has gone and found himself a nice mouth sore for all the boys to enjoy.