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This TWSS Moment Brought to You by NBC

5 May

“Now I’m going to go inside before I get too wet.”


Just the Tip Tuesday (05/05/09)

5 May

It’s a magical day today.  A day where we should all spend our time mowing the lawn, washing dishes, cleaning hotel rooms, and drinking overpriced Mexican beer.  That’s right, kids, it’s Cinco de Mayo.  I’m stuck at home today with Smoke Stack fever, but I write this while wearing my sombrero and am surrounded by bean burritos.


While my sister would prefer that I spend the day admitting that I have Swine Flu (which I do NOT), I’d prefer sharing a Mexican hotty with you.  People of earth, feast your eyes on Eduardo Verastegui.


Actor, model, and future star of my active (imaginary) sex life. 

See, there are good things that come out of Mexico.  Not just influenza and crappy beer.

Live Blogging from The Front Line (and by “the front line” I mean “my bed”)

5 May

Yes, gentle readers, it is true.  I’m home sick AGAIN!  As it turns out, Catherinette Singleton has been diagnosed with Acute Bronchitis.  I prefer to call it “Smoke Stack Fever”.  It’s really not a big deal, I just decided to take the doctor up on the note that he gave me that suggested I stay home today.  It’s a fun filled day full of codeine, naps, and Law & Order SVU reruns.  Holla!

I’m taking full advantage of being at home today and have been on facebook since I woke up (half an hour ago).  A girlfriend of mine happened to post this video on her profile and I cannot stop laughing.  This leads to hacking coughs and the desire to ingest more delicious codeine laced cough syrup.

You have got to check out the kids interpretation of “the whole club was looking at her” and “she gave her big booty a smack.”  COMEDY GOLD!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s nap time.