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Protected: A Visual Representation of My Kiss with Smoke Stack

1 May

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“So There’s This Guy…”

1 May

Doesn’t the story always start off like that when you’re talking to one of your girlfriends or your Mary’s?

We met about 5 years ago when he was in one of my training classes.  I’d seen him around the way, he was funny in my class, and he began emailing with me.  Flirting with me, and I thought there was potential.  He invited me out for drinks, I was excited.  That’s when he laid it all out there: “I’m engaged,” he told me.  And my dream ended and I called it a day.  He was looking for one last fling and was sure that I would be that girl.

He was sorely disappointed when I rejected his advances.

We remained “friends”.  Our friendship essentially has consisted of him sexually harassing me when he’s hungover.  He makes advances at me, I giggle like a school girl, egg him on, and then that’s that.

He’s a pig.  And I love every second of it.