Just the Tip Tuesday (04/07/09)

7 Apr

Yes, yes, yes!! 

That’s what I would say to Vin Diesel if he ever asked me if I wanted to hop on all fours and let him slap my ass.


Ugh, it must be so freaking HAWT when that man whispers dirty things in your ear?  Can you imagine?  His voice is so silky smooth, just add a string of dirty requests to it and I think you’d melt right into the bed…or backseat of some Yellow(ish) Mustang, or something along those lines.

And I imagine that his body is ROCK freaking hard.  Mama likey.  I think he’d be a delicious midnight snack…

15 Responses to “Just the Tip Tuesday (04/07/09)”

  1. BeckEye April 7, 2009 at 11:16 am #

    Are you serious?

    That guy does absolutely nothing for me.

    I’m dead serious. He is freaking FINE! -CS

  2. cinnamon & honey April 7, 2009 at 11:22 am #

    Sorry, but I can’t get into a guy whose tits are bigger than mine.
    More for you, I guess.

  3. Steph April 7, 2009 at 11:27 am #

    I don’t know wtf the other commenters are talking about. *I* have been waiting for this post since I started reading your JTT blogs. Swoon….

  4. Red April 7, 2009 at 11:49 am #

    Yeah, not quite my type. But go for it, CS. No way his boobs are bigger than yours.

  5. The Other Red April 7, 2009 at 12:36 pm #

    He’s like the ugly version of The Rock. No gracias.

  6. Melrox April 7, 2009 at 2:53 pm #

    As long as he doesn’t speak I am good. Unless of course he is talking in his “Pitch Black” voice.

  7. Rachel April 7, 2009 at 4:33 pm #

    I had a very intense sex dream about him once….oh god.

  8. Dani April 7, 2009 at 8:10 pm #

    God that voice is amazing. Yep, right there with you!

  9. Mella April 7, 2009 at 9:49 pm #

    I’d hit that. And then again, just to be sure it was real.

    Check this pic of him out:

  10. Chef Green April 7, 2009 at 11:29 pm #

    F me NOW. That is all. “Immediately if not sooner,” to quote my darling CS.

  11. Srg April 8, 2009 at 6:20 am #

    He could come to this mama anyday!

  12. The Ambiguous Blob April 8, 2009 at 12:54 pm #

    I’d do him, as long as he wasn’t standing next to me, being all short.

  13. Sooz April 9, 2009 at 3:32 am #

    Count me IN!

  14. Christine Staley April 10, 2009 at 9:10 pm #

    I have had a closet crush on Vin Diesel since I saw “Pitch Black” way back when and totally agree, his voice makes me wet.

    Oddly enough, I’ve never seen a F&F movie, however… I think I like him as the dude from another planet 🙂

  15. k April 12, 2009 at 3:59 pm #

    Totally hawt!!! Once again, a wise choice.
    You know I heard he’s a total geek too. He owns a game company, hence the reason he never makes any movies.
    Geeks are the best.

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