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Your Mom’s My Inspiration

30 Mar

I’m so busy that I don’t have time to post, but I do have time to harass the general public with my emails.

Earlier today, Mellafabulous asked for the password to the protected posts. Being the generous and kind person that I pretend to be, I decided to send it her way.

Those of you that have the password know that it’s a little play on words. So we went back and forth…

  • Mellafabulous: Are you suggesting I’m a [insert my oh-so-clever password here]? I prefer the term [synonym for my oh-so-clever password here].
  • Me: As a matter of fact…you were totally the inspiration for the password. I had initially gone with wh0re, but thought people would think I was talking about your mom. HEY-O!

I practically wept tears after sending that. God, I totally amuse myself sometimes…

Basking in the “After Glow”

30 Mar

Each year the gala at American Visionary Art Museum just gets better and better.

I’ve got some pics to share of that nip slip. While I did in fact parade my cleavage around, it was not my nip that decided to make a special guest appearance at the gala.

I’ve got more updates for you AND pics (of said nipple), but I’m busy as sin at work so you’ll just have to wait until later.

Oh, and I’ll tell you all about how one of our local news anchors got wasted off her ass. Good times, good times.

Did I mention there was pole dancing?

Who says that volunteering is boring?