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God Freaking Damn It!!

26 Mar

Disney just informed me that I had a run in my god damned stocking.  I just took a peek at the back of my leg-it’s not a run, it’s a fucking giagantic hole (twss)!!

That’s 2 fucking pairs of stockings that I ruined today.


Damn you, Society and the World, for forcing us to throw money away on something that barely lasts 30 fucking god damned seconds. 

Awesome.  Just fucking awesome.  I’ve probably been walking around the whole god damned day with the biggest fucking run in the world.  There is nothing that will make you look like a jack ass like having a big fat fucking run in your stocking.  It’s kind of like having food stuck in your teeth.


Mexican Do

26 Mar

This Mexican is saying good bye to doing dishes.  Behold my new and beautiful dishwasher!

8369044 Front Large

I don’t do dishes, I don’t mow the lawn, I don’t clean hotel rooms, and I don’t eat burritos.  Before long, my mother will see fit to disown me.  Guess I can stop wearing my sombrero and stop greeting everyone by yelling, “Ayayayay!  Andale!  Arriba!  Arriba!!”