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Protected: I Think You’re Addicted to Porn

25 Mar

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25 Mar


Here we are on Hump Day and I am in meetings all god damned day.  How much does that freaking suck??

But there is light at the end of the tunnel!  You see, fine people, this Saturday I shall be attending a gala event.  That’s right.

The American Visionary Art Museum(AVAM) is holding their annual gala this Saturday.  Iwill be at this benefit gala: all dressed up and ready to make some bad decisions.  Bad decisions that have occurred at previous AVAM gala events include making out with a gay boy in front of the entire room, and letting some random chick grab my hooters.

Those of you in the area should consider going.  The tickets are relatively cheap, and they throw an AWESOME party!  Plus for the low, low price of $100, you can come and booze it up with me-and it’s all for a good cause.

Click here for more information about this kick ass party.