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This Much is True

23 Mar

New Kids on the Block, N’sync, and 98 Degrees can all suck it.

They sucked the first time around, and will inevitably suck the second time around.

But you know who totally ruled the world?  Spandau Ballet.  Sure, I was 8 years old at the time, but who the hell cares?  Their music was magical.  Ma. Gi. Cal.

And guess what?  They’ve just announced that they’re getting the band back together!

Wow.  Really?  Is this news?

Is there no new scoop on how Tom Cruise has decided to say some other stupid thing?  Has Chris Brown decided to keep his hands to himself rather than wrapping them around poor Rihanna’s neck? Have Paris Hilton and Linsey Lohan gotten so boring that we’re getting up to the moment information on has been bands of the 80’s?

Still, I’d rather shell out $30 to see them in concert and relive my youth than pay a nickel to see those jack holes in NKOTB.  God, they are fucking ANNOYING!

Protected: Un-boyfriend’s in Love

23 Mar

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