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No F’ing Way Friday (03/20/09)

20 Mar

I won’t even try to deny that this man is a marketing genius and has, quite possibly, one of the best television programs in the history of the world.

Nor will I deny that I will immediately drop everything on this planet (including a fistful of peen…if I happened to have some) to catch the latest shenanigans that will inevitably ensue on said show.  There are strippers, there are pornstars, there are alcoholics, and there are Penthouse Pets to mock.

He’s hilarious.  Laugh out loud funny-and I’m not just referring to his manliner and terrible weave/extensions or his desperate attempts to grab onto his fleeting youth and delusional beliefs that he’s still a popular rockstar.

And he is so disgusting at the very same time.

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