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19 Mar

There’s only one thing that I find more annoying that March Madness being on right now (which means that CSI is not), and that’s my jack asshole neighbor running his leaf blower at this hour?


A leafblower?  At 9:00 at night?  

Dear, “sir”, you are an asshole.  Please to die immediately if not sooner.  I hate you forever.

Only one way to handle this.  More booze.

Joe Camel’s Got Nothing on You

19 Mar

The other night when I was out with Jewcy Bits and Del-V enjoying some pre-St. Patrick’s Day binge drinking, we saw something that no human being should ever have to see. A site so traumatic that it will take years of therapy, prescription medication, hitting bottom, and joining a support group to get over it.

Like many people in the bar, this woman walked in wearing green. She had made the decision to go with some green corduroy pants. On the surface, there’s nothing wrong with that, but she had made a decision that would rock our worlds and make us hurl for years to come.

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