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You Know You’re Old When

18 Mar

…you throw out your back typing. 

Seriously, I don’t know what the fuck just happened but my neck and back are in extreme amounts of pain.

Maybe it’s Meningitis!

Or Lyme’s.

Or else I’m just a dufus.

Ouch, I’m in pain.  Somebody, bring me some Valium.  And a mojito.


18 Mar

My dear, kind, and astute readers, Catherinette needs your help. Let me set up a little scenario for you, and then I need you to tell me what you would do. K? Super. Here we go…

Let’s say that you met this boy a few weeks ago, and have started dating him. You have wicked hot chemistry, and things are going extremely well in the bedroom and out. At this point, it’s still casual as “the talk” hasn’t occurred. So last night he invites you over for dinner and he cooks for you. Shenanigans ensue. Dirty, dirty shenanigans, and then you spend the night.

This morning, just as you’re on the verge of more debauchery, he “loses” it (I think we all know what I mean). Fine, whatever, no big deal. Off everyone goes to work. However, you’re left aching for his hot bod.

I’m interested in knowing what made you decide on one answer versus the other, so tell me all about it in the comments….

And no, this isn’t about me. If I was getting any, I would tell you all about it.

Okay, I think people are confused.  I’m not saying that the limp peen should be addressed.  I’m asking if one should send a naughty text message indicating that you’re thinking dirty thoughts about the guy.