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Today’s Bad Decision Brought to You by PMS

3 Mar

I just ate a candy bar that expired in 2006. 

It just so happens that the chocolate had gone from a lovely dark color, to an ashy white color.  And still I ate it.  I ate the entire freaking thing?

Why?  Because I enjoy doing stupid things AND I have my period.

Was it good?  Not really.  It actually tasted kind of funny. In fact, it didn’t taste anything like chocolate.  And it has left an awful after taste in my mouth.  TWSS.  Yuck.  It’s pretty frenching gross.  Plus I have little bits of ashy chocolate stuck in my teeth.

Clearly, there is only one thing left to do: eat another candy bar that isn’t older than Lucy(fer).  Ugh, when I put it that way, it makes me want to hurl.  Just a little bit.  I can’t believe I just ate candy that was older than my niece. 

Just the Tip Tuesday (03/03/09) – Take Two

3 Mar

Yeah, we’ve got TWO freaking picks for today because Philly wasn’t happy that I didn’t post a half naked picture of some hot man and didn’t want anything to do with my tortured story about how I am currently living in an igloo. 

You want a man?  Fine, I’ll give you one. 

This week’s pick is Jason O’Mara.


Why?  Because he warms my loins when it is cold outside.   Or inside as the case is at my house-where, we established earlier, it’s colder than the inside of my refrigerator.  Why isn’t he more famous?  He’s hot like fire (which is so nice when the water is so cold in your house that it hurts to wash your hands).  You may recognize him from “Life on Mars”.

Here you go, Philly!  Are you happy now??

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3 Mar

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