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Evil Stepmother…

26 Feb

It’s been a year since Debbie Downer started dating a single father.  He is widowed with 3 children.  When they first started dating we would often hear stories about how she was jealous of his dead wife.  She’s tell us all about how she was tired because she had spent several hours grilling him the night before about whether or not they would be together if his wife hadn’t died of Cancer.

It boggles my mind that he didn’t kick her out of his house that very night.  Or the next 15,000 times she did it.  Whatever. 

Here we are a year later, and now she’s bitching about the kids.  She enjoys telling him how he should raise them.  It’s awesome to have to overhear that conversation day in and day out.

Currently, she is yelling into the phone screaming about how 4 year old daughter lied to her face last night.  The offense?  Debbie Downer had told this poor young motherless daughter to go and brush her teeth.  Off she went, and returned 2 minutes later.  “Let me smell your breath,” Debbie Downer demanded.  Low and behold this 4 year old daughter had faked brushing her teeth.

String her up and flog her!  How dare a 4 year old lie about brushing her teeth?  Does this tiny heathen know nothing about dental hygiene??

For the love!  She’s 4 frenching years old!  What kid hasn’t lied about the same exact thing.  It’s no reason to start bitching her dad out about his terrible parenting skills. 

Sweet.  Here we go about how she also lies about using soap in the shower.

Dear Lightening, please strike me.  Thank you.