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Who is the Target Audience?

24 Feb

You know how in gmail they have those ads up in the top of your box?  (hee hee, I said “box”)

This afternoon as I was avoiding doing work and playing around with email, I saw the strangest ad.  Typically, I don’t even notice that the ads are even there.  Over the years, I’ve just learned to ignore them.

But when I saw the world “vaginosis” they had my attention.

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Just the Tip Tuesday (02/24/09)

24 Feb

I was 11 years old when I first saw him.  At the time, I was far busier drooling over Sean Astin who played his little brother in “The Goonies”.  Who would have known that 24 years later, Sean Astin would be a short dumpy guy and Josh Brolin would be a tall drink of water. 

Those of you that follow me on Twitterwill not be shocked that I picked Josh Brolin as the last Oscar nominee for the month.  Mainly because I think I tweeted about him every single time that he was on screen during the Oscars.  I’d like to tweet him.

Josh Brolin

You know why he looks kind of angry in this picture?  It’s because he hasn’t had the chance to see me naked and breathless beneath him.  Ugh, he is so frenching hot!  Oh sweet, hot, Academy Award nominated Josh Brolin, how I’d like to have you for dessert this evening.