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No F’ing Way Friday (02/20/09)

20 Feb

There was a time when this guy was a heart throb.  When teenage girls (and some boys) had posters of him slapped up all over their walls.  He was a sex symbol.  He was a dreamboat.  He was a God.  Come on, ladies (and some guys), let’s all think back to when he was in “Risky Business”…

Or even better than that, when he was in “Top Gun”…How many of us dreamed of meeting someone like him and having him lend us his bomber jacket, mounting his Harley, and riding off into the sunset.

Then something happened, and he turned into a joke.


What happened to you, Tom Cruise?

When did he turn into such a jack ass douche bag?  No, seriously?  I can’t stand the sight of him.  I can’t stand the sound of his voice, and I can’t tolerate a single thing that comes out of his mouth.  It’s like he just vomits stupidity.

What an f’ing tool.