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Just the Tip Tuesday (02/17/09)

17 Feb

Oscar night is this Sunday.  My plans?  Take all the phones off the hook, lock the doors, and have the TV by 6:00.  I’m not missing one single second of the joy that the Oscars bring me.  Been there, done that, and I believe that my having missed the Oscars in the past is what has led me to this point in my life-this peenless point in my life where I my current crushes involved Boy NoNo (who is far too married for me) and Lit’l Smokey (who is about half a foot shorter than I).  It’s a tragedy and I’m not tempting fate any longer.

But that’s okay, because I still have the hotties that will be attending this year’s ceremonies to lust after. 

Let’s all go ahead and just take a peek at the someone who’s voice makes me weak in the knees.  Ladies (and boys who like boys), let’s all swoon over Javier Bardem.


I’m pretty sure that he’s one of those guys that I wouldn’t find hot if he wasn’t a celebrity, but there is just something about him.  But not when he’s got that gay ass haircut like he had in No Country for Old Men.  That bowl cut has just got to go.

You know what?  I have been robbed.  I’ve never had my way with a European man.  Or a foreigner even.  Every peen I’ve seen has been American peen.  How freaking boring.

Protected: A Kiss to Build a Dream On

17 Feb

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