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It’s Finally Happened

15 Feb

Wonderful people of the world, I have the most exciting announcement.  The stars have aligned.  Pigs are flying.  Hell has frozen over.  Tonight, something incredible is going to happen…

I, Catherinette Singleton, am going out on a (faux) date with the one, the only, Lit’l Smokey.

A real (faux) date.  We’re going out for a drink, and to the movies.  He is paying.  He told me I could hold his hand in the movies if I got cold.  And he told me to wear something low cut as he said he’d had enough of gazing into my eyes.

This is going to happen.  I can feel it! (At least, I hope I get to feel it-if you know what I mean.  And I think you do.)


15 Feb

My brother-in-law is typically good when it comes to grilling.  Last night, something changed.  My dad ended up coming into town and ruining all our plans.  Poor Damien was so sick that he was reenacting scenes from the Exorcist and happened to be exploding from both ends.  My sister thought it best to not take him out of the house.  She attempted to snake her way out of seeing our dad, thus leaving me trapped under that bus.  I told her that she was mad if she thought that I’d be alone with him for ours.  I’d take the risk of being puked on.

We headed to the store, picked up some stuff for dinner, crossed ourselves before entering my sister’s house, and proceeded to act like the happy family that he imagines that we are.  It was magical.

Anyway, bro in law was responsible for taking care of the 8 tasty steaks that we had purchased.  We spent $75 on the meat (twss).  I marinated them in the most delicious marinade in the world, and then handed them lovingly over to the grill “master”.  More like m-ass-ter.

This is what ended up coming off the grill.

blackened steaks

Oh, and these were some of the better ones.  Some were so charred beyond recognition that we couldn’t even put them out on the table.  Awesome.