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Help A Sister Out

29 Jan

Like many women, I am clueless when it comes to car repair.  All I know is that when I take the car in they manage to overcharge me and I never understand what the hell I’m paying so much for (you’d think I’d get a discount for having a set of hooters).

My check engine came on the other day and I just called the dealership to schedule and appointment so they can take a look at it.  They want to charge me $117 to do the diagnostics on it.  Then they’d give me an estimate of how much it would cost to repair whatever is causing the problem.

Does that seem right? 

I’m thinking not, but I d0n’t know of any good mechanics in the area.

Help me out here, people!!

A Very Special TWSS

29 Jan

As I was walking past our kitchenette this morning, I overheard Hooker Boots say something that nearly made me hurt myself from laughing.  I have no idea what she was referring to, which is even more amusing to me (basically because I’m 12 and totally immature)

It was the biggest thing I’d ever put in my mouth and it got me all sticky.  I had to brush my teeth for like 15 minutes afterwards just to get rid of that taste.  I swear, 2 days later I could still taste that thing.

Which reminds me of my lunch today…I almost send Disney an email that said the following:

This is the messiest one I’ve ever eaten.  I might have to eat it with a fork and I NEVER eat one of these with a fork.  And it’s running all over my hands.