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22 Jan

Go read this post RIGHT NOW!!*


I am so excited I might have a heart attack and die!!  Oh sweet Lord in Heaven.  I have butterflies. 🙂


*Yeah, yeah, I know that some of you don’t like to be taken to my other blog, but I posted the story there because I was responding to comments when it all happened. 

An Open Letter to Del-V

22 Jan

Dear Del-V,

Consider yourself on notice.  We are going to Ixia during restaurant week.  Pick a night, any night (except for this Saturday, Wednesday, or next Saturday) and a time.

I look forward to enjoying some cocktails and eating their “Dark & Delicious.”  Mainly because it sounds dirty.

…and speaking of dirty, I can tell you all about the “class” that Foxy and I are taking on Sunday.  But don’t expect any demonstrations.


22 Jan

I can’t believe that this is the post that will follow that touching one about my sister’s dog. I just did something so ridiculously stupid and gross.

I just peed in my pants…more like panties.

Those of you that are loyal readers know of my disdain for underwear. This morning I decided to wear some (no, I’m not on the rag). Got home, put on my pjs, went to sleep and forgot that I had them on.

This morning when I woke up I had to pee. There I was sitting on the toilet, in mid stream, wondering why something felt strange.  So there I was thinking to myself, “What is that?  Did I forget to take out my last tampon 2 weeks ago?  That is so strange.”  That’s when I realized that I had forgotten to drop the panties.

Then I was stuck sitting there wondering how I was going to get up and take those things off of me without dripping all over the place.  5 minutes I sat there while all options are explored.  Do I suck it up and just get pee everywhere?  Can I be really acrobatic and pull them off without touching the pee?  Perhaps I will just take scissors to the sides and then chuck them?

In the end I opted for the scissors.  Peace out, thong.  It was nice knowing you.

I am nothing if not klassy.