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Heartbreak Comes in Many Forms

21 Jan

He has been part of the family for 13 years.  When we got him, he was so tiny that he could fit right in the palm of your hand – he was just 2 weeks old.  We were living in Mexico City at the time, and my sister demanded her own dog.   He could barely walk, and had no teeth-which meant that he couldn’t chew.  For 3 weeks we fed him baby food.

He would sleep in bed with my sister on most nights.  Since he was so small, he would wander over to the end of the bed in the middle of the night and do his business, then he’d waddle back up to the pillow and go back to sleep.  My sister would often wake up with little bits of dog poop on the end of the bed.  I thought it was hilarious, my mother was disgusted.  And then the dog started sleeping in my mother’s room.  I still thought it was hilarious when he took to peeing at the end of her bed, and my mother suddenly started tolerating his filthy little habits.  After all, he was just a tiny puppy.  In the mornings, he had this habit of attacking whomever he was sleeping with.  He fancied himself a vampire and would latch onto your neck and try to rip it out.  Bugger had sharp little teeth too, but as he weighed no more than 4 pounds, he didn’t do much damage.

When he was scared or cold, he would lay underneath the stove in the kitchen.  The years passed and he grew to surpass 90 pounds.  He has always been playful and very energetic.  He loved running in the woods, playing with my brother-in-law, and begging for table scraps.  That is, up until about 2 weeks ago.  Suddenly, he just didn’t seem like himself anymore.  The vet visits started as they tried to determine what was wrong with him.

This afternoon my sister was given the news that he is very sick.  Most likely, it’s Cancer.  For a dog that age, surgery isn’t really the best option. You have to consider if you’re putting him under because it’s what’s right for him, or because you don’t want to live without them.  My sister knows better.  The doctors don’t know how long it will be, but it’s only a matter of time now.  For now, he’ll just be made comfortable and we’ll hope that he still enjoys the things that he’s always loved.

Once things change, we’ll have to let him go.

Those of you that are pet owners know how much a part of your family a pet is.  They are the ones that are always happy to greet you when you come home.  That will snuggle with you when you are cold.  That will always love you no matter what you’ve done.  And when a time like this comes, when you know that soon they won’t be around to nudge you with their paws or brush up against you, it is heartbreaking.

I will always have fond memories of him.  Always.  And though he is not my dog, I have always loved him.  And I always will.

Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You

21 Jan

woman shouting

My family and I have this warped tendency to talk to one another on a daily basis. In fact, on most days, I talk to both my mother and sister multiple times a day. My sister will call me at work when she’s bored, and I call her on my drive home to find out how Damien and Lucy(fer) tortured her that day. My mother usually calls me at work, and then when she gets home from work. The conversations usually consist of nothing interesting, and there are few that really stand out.

By the time that I get home from work, I’ve had it and don’t usually feel like chatting about nothing at work. All I want to do is watch reruns of Law & Order: SVU, surf porn on the internet, and stuff my face with junk food. These are important things and I don’t have time to listen to my mother rattle on about how one of her dogs keeps going outside, then scratches on the door to come back inside, goes to drink water, then scratches on the door to go outside, only to come back and scratch at the door to be let in and how the door is all scratched up and she’s going to have to hire someone to paint it and it’s really cold outside and can I please help her order some office supplies online and what time is House on tonight and there’s the dog scratching at the door today and what are your plans for this week and why didn’t you answer when I called you 60 times at work and now I have to let the dog out. I’m busy, god damn it!

When I don’t feel like being on the phone, I’m pretty clear about it. As a matter of fact, when she called yesterday evening, she even ended the first call of the night with, “I can tell you don’t want to talk right now. I’ll just call you tomorrow.” It turns out that by “tomorrow” she meant “in five minutes.”

We’re in the process of figuring out where we’re going to stay for our summer vacation, and she decided that she wanted to figure it all out yesterday-after I told her that I wasn’t in the mood. She literally called me 8 times in 45 minutes. I almost killed her. Which one are we going to stay in? And where is it located? And how many bedrooms does it have? And how far away from the beach is it? And do you remember which one had the hot tub? What about the one that’s on the island? Maybe we should stay there. But it’s too expensive so let’s look at another one. And someone emailed me about my dating profile and he seems really nice. What do you think about the house on the island? Do you think it’s too expensive?

If I wasn’t so lazy, I would have driven to her house to beat her with the phone.

I know what you’re thinking. Why didn’t I just not answer the phone, right? It’s not that simple. If I don’t answer the phone then she thinks that I’ve been hurt. That means that she’ll call an extra 10 times and she might even show up at my door and then proceed to lecture me for causing so much concern. Last time I checked, I was old enough to live on my own. Maybe she didn’t get the memo.

I’d tell you more of the story, but she just called me on my damn work phone. As a matter of fact, I have her on hold so I can finish typing this. She wants to know if green tea has caffeine. Oh, and would you look at that? My other line is ringing and it’s my sister calling…

Now go check out The Catherinette Chronicles to queck out what my nephew’s first written word was.