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Just the Tip Tuesday (01/19/09)

20 Jan

Today was a magical day.  We got rid of the evil Voldebush and swore in our new President.  I think it’s only fitting on this day of firts to dedicate this JTT to Barack Obama, because I’d like this next guy to Ba-rock my world (in a dirty, dirty way).

John Harbaugh, ladies and gentlemen:

John Harbough

Look, I’m not a sports fan.  Usually the only reason I watch sports is because there’s a possibility that I might get laid OR because I haven’t found something better to do.  This year, however, something else motivated me to go out and watch some football.  That “special” something is my disdain for the Shittsburgh Steelers.  I hate them.  Well, really, I don’t hate them, I hate the joy they bring to 3D.

Christ, is he gay for the Steelers.  No, really.  So when it turned out that the Ravens were being matched up against the Steelers once again, I just HAD to watch the game.  I had to!  As I watched the game in a crowded bar filled with people dressed in their purple and black (thankfully there was no Ravens camo to be seen) it occurred to me that I had been missing out on something all season.  And that thing that I was missing was the hotness of the head coach, John Harbaugh. 

Next year, you can bet your ass that I’ll be tuning to all of the games just to watch his tight end parade up and down the sidelines.

Hot.  Like fire.