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I Have Some Good News and Some Bad News

16 Jan

Which do you want first?  The bad?  Okay…

Bad News

Sadly, my wonderful time blogging for Kizmeet has come to an end.  They’re not going to be adding anymore blogs this year.  That f’ing blows.  What does that mean?  You know how on Thursdays you always have to click to finish the story and read it on another site?  That’s now going bye-bye.  Easier for your, but sad for me because I enjoyed writing for them.  Boo.

Good News

Speaking of clicking and getting pushed to another site, The Catherinette Chronicles is still up and running.  What’s even better is that there’s still time to head on over there and submit questions for my very first interview!!  Oh, and if I want to keep writing for them, I need to drive more traffic over there.  So when you’re done reading here, you should always, always, always go and check what’s going on over there.  K?  Super!

Better News

Twolia (the site where The Catherinette Chronicles) is housed is going through their formal launch in February.  More to come on that…In the meantime, go and read my horror story about online dating.

Help A Sister Out

16 Jan

Okay, people, mama needs your help. 

If you work in HR or a lawyer that knows about Employment Law, can you please email me at .  I have a friend that finds herself in a sticky work situation and we have some questions that could use answering.

As a very special thank you, I will call you on the phone and you can hear my melodic voice!


No F’ing Way Friday (01/16/09)

16 Jan


No f’ing way.

Not ever.  EVER!

There is no freaking way that I would EVER let him touch me with his peen our his stubby little fingers.


Mickey Rourke looks like a train wreck.  Good lord.  There was a time, many (many, many, many) years ago when he was quite doable.   Now he looks more like the Cat Lady

He and his plastic face give me the shivers, and not in a good way.