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Protected: Can’t Stop Drooling

13 Jan

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Just the Tip Tuesday (01/13/09)

13 Jan

Look at those eyes…

Bradley Cooper

Oh, Bradley Cooper, why do you play these games with me?  We can all tell how much you want me.  Stop with the foolishness already.  Oh, and before you come over to make the sweet love to me, can you shave your face?  I don’t like to have my thighs scratched.  HEY-O!

He’s dreamy and you know I’m right about this one.  If you can’t quite place the face, let me help you: he was Claire’s fiance in “Wedding Crashers.”  Long, long ago, he was also on the show “Alias”.  That was back when the show was still cool, not after they tried to kill Michael off and it went straight into the toilet.