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I Have Reached New Heights of Patheticness

9 Jan

It’s Friday night, I’m single, and I’m laying in bed.  Watching Star Wars.  At least I managed to not binge eat any Ben & Jerry’s.  Oh, and there’s booze involved.  Of course. 

Oh, and did I mention that I have spent the last hour perusing You Tube? 

It just so happens that I found a perfect video to commemorate my waste of an evening.  Please to enjoy drunk Yoda.

I love it when he’s saying he has bitches coming over.  And the drunk dialing is hilarious.

I need to get a life in the worst way.  Pretty sure that admitting to the public that I’m staying at home on a Friday watching Star Wars and watching Yoda video is not going to get me laid.

9 Jan

Jack Ass is this [ ] close from feeling my fists of fury raining down on him.  Seriously, he needs to shut his fucking mouth immediately if not sooner.  If he bitches ONE MORE time about a meeting he has to attend it is on like Ghenghis freaking Khan.

Shut it!  Shut the fuck up!!


I Just Threw Up A Little

9 Jan

This is wrong and gross on so many different levels.

It’s safe for work, just make sure you don’t eat anything before reading this.

No F’ing Way Friday (01/09/09)

9 Jan

I don’t get it.  What on God’s emerald green earth do people see in Jeffery Donovan from “Burn Notice”?


He’s got such an ugly ass face.  Really, he looks like a neanderthal to me.  He’s like a tiny step away from those guys from the Geico commercials.  In fact, I’d venture to say that if this guy wasn’t an actor hardly anyone would find him attractive. 

Sure, he’s got a hot body, but his face!  Ugh, his face!  And the shape of his head is all jacked up.

No.  No, I won’t do it.  I don’t want any of his bits near mine.