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Hookers on Parade

7 Jan

The first weekend of the New Year is officially over.  By now you’ve all seen the after effects of my evening out on the town on Friday.  I also happened to mention that I was having a very special lunch.  You know what?  I would go so far as to call it magical, that’s right, it was magical.  And my day didn’t end there – after lunch I met up with some of my gays in Dupont.

You’ll never guess who came to town on Saturday, unless you happen to read her blog.  It just so happens that Cinnkitty decided to take her hooker show on the road and head up to DC for a few days.  Yes, it’s true, we happened to activate our wonder hooker powers and please the people at a local bar in DC.  What’s even better is that Detail Medic was there as well.  Sadly, Detail Medic did not appear in her fire fighter uniform as I had hoped.  And yes, I totally accept the blame for suggesting a place that didn’t open until 4:00, which makes it difficult to have lunch there at 1:00.

While we were unable to experience the joys of my original suggested location, we were able to make fun of the locals.  We encountered someone that decided to dress up in costume.  Of course, being the bitches that we are we got her picture.  Detail Medic and I pretended to pose for a pic just so she could shoot the freaky chick behind us.


Um…apparently she didn’t get the memo that it’s no longer 1973 and it’s wicked uncool to slaughter baby polar bears to make boots.  It’s too bad that Damien wasn’t there.  My sister has taught him to call people “dirty hippies”.  We could have encouraged him to go up to this “lady” in her dead bear boots and yell, “Dirty hippie!  Dirty hippie!” at her.  Guess kids can be kind of handy every once in awhile.

But you don’t care about the freaky hippie chick.   What you want to know is what happened during lunch.  Frankly, it was just what you would expect it to be: there was pole dancing, swearing, merry making, mocking and talking about peen.  We even talked about how one might end up sending dirty picture messages to a parent/sibling instead of to the intended recipient.   It was a truly magical experience.

As for the story with Claude and Mary Cocoa Butter, that’s another story for another day.