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Just the Tip Tuesday (12/30/08)

30 Dec

Let me first start off with the following: you’re welcome.  Here we are, it’s the final JTT of the year.  We’ve had some popular picks, and then the ones when you all stood against me and wanted to stone me for my choices.  Well, damn you for that.  Still, I aim to please, so we’re ending the year on a high note.

Ladies and boys who like boys, please take a gander at the spicy goodness of Chris Meloni:


Let me ask you a question: why doesn’t he take his shirt off in Law & Order: SVU?  Frankly, I think it’s a crime against humanity that he doesn’t do more nude scenes.  Oh, and he has in fact done them.  While I was looking for the right pic for this post, I stumbled across some shots from when he was on Oz.  Guess what?  There was peen!!  It’s only right to end the year off with a “talented” male actor whose peen I actually got to see.

I heart you, Chris Meloni.  Call me!