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I’m A Nervous Wreck

20 Dec

I can feel myself starting to sweat a little bit,  and my cheeks are starting to flush.  No, I didn’t just work out.  And no, I didn’t just climb off of some hot bachelor.

How on God’s green earth did I got myself into this is a mess.  Oh, that’s right, I live in a smaller town than I thought I did.  In less thatn 2 hours, I’ll be heading downtown to a party at 3D’s friends’ house-with his ex girlfriend.

When we were still together, I met a handful of his friends at a happy hour.  I imagine that after our relationship went to shit, he told them all that I was a horrible person, a crazy heartless bitch who shattered his fragile heart into one million billion tiny pieces.  Like most friends do in the midst of a breakup, I’m sure that they all agreed that I was a terrible person and swore to give me dirty looks if they ever saw me again.  This is what friends are supposed to do-take your side and always hate the ex.

Tonight I’m going to be standing in a room with all of these people.  I imagine walking into the party, the music coming to a stop, and everyone whispering things to one another as they shoot death stares my way.  Eventually the music comes back on, but I can hear people saying, “What is SHE doing here?” or “She has some nerve showing her face around here.”  Then, when I ask the hostess for a drink, I imagine her pouring me a cocktail, and then spitting into the cup right in front of me.

Thank God I’m not a drama queen or anything…

But if he walks into that house at any point that I’m there, there’s going to be some major ass drama.  And with the shitastic year that I’ve had, it’s not something that I’d expect not to happen.  That’s just what I need to end my year, a confrontation with 3D at party.

Oh, God.  I think I’d rather get struck by a bus than have to deal with that.