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No F’ing Way Friday (12/19/08)

19 Dec

I don’t know about you, but a bugged eyed freak with yellowing teeth who looks like he has a meth problem doesn’t appeal to me as someone I’d like to get naked with.

What say you about today’s pick: Steve Buscemi


Have you noticed that he ALWAYS looks like he’s been up for 24 hours.  How does someone sustain a look like that?  Better yet, how does someone make that into a bankable look?  Yuck.  I’ve seen male porn stars that are better looking than this guy.  Ugh, yuck.

The man lives in Hollywood.  He gets paid good money.  What on earth could he be spending it on that’s more important than getting his jacked up mouth fixed?  For the love, man!!  Fix that disgusting yellow snaggle tooth.  Every single time I see him acting in something I feel like the snaggle tooth is actually talking to me.  It’s whispering creepy things like, “Hey, Cath, I’m going to get you…”