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New BJHNOM Feature

12 Dec

It’s time for something new, kids.  It’s the antithesis for Just the Tip Tuesday*.  Oh, yeah!! 

There are tons of hot hotties out there that make us all weak in the knees and turn us into drooly fools.  But what about all those douchey douche bags that make ours skin crawl and make us vomit in our mouths?  Kind of like David Caruso does.  We can’t ignore those individuals that cause such a violent reaction!!  They must be exhibited so that everyone can be equally disgusted-it’s all about sharing.  After all, it is the holiday season and the holiday season is all about giving to others.

So today, instead of giving you the clap like Foxy and/or Pistols might do, I give to you the gift of the first No Fin’g Way Friday.

You all know that I have a deep love for trashy things-especially tawdry shows like Cathouse on HBO.  For those of you that have watched it,  you should be familiar with our first pick.  Dennis Hof is the owner and proprietor of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch out in Nevada. 


He is a disgusting pig.  He’s fat.  He’s old.  He’s bald.  And he molests those poor dirty bunnies.  Watching him make out with those hookers makes me want to throw up twice and then die.  Seriously, he is a dirty old bastard and I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole-not even if he paid me what they pay those bunnies.

*Thanks to Kristina for the idea.

The PSA You Need to See

12 Dec

Yesterday I wrote about the perils about getting involved with someone you work with.  Jon, one of the many fine readers here at Bridget Jones Has Nothing on Me, made a comment about how offices should have a PSA to warn people. 

Well, my dears, guess what I happened to find?  A PSA!!

Please to enjoy on this fine Friday.

Oh, and you’re welcome.