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Voat Fer Mee

9 Dec

Every year Grant Miller, of the aptly named, Grant Miller Media holds the Drysdale Awards.  Well, guess who got nominated this year, bitches?  Yours truly!

Sure, the category kind of bites ass, as it’s for “Blog with the Most Spelling and Grammatical Errors,” but it’s an honor to be in the running.  Right? 

Or not. 

I’m up against some pretty stiff competition.  People that regularly jack up their posts with typos and grammatical errors, but I deserve that award.  ME!

So, head on over to Grant Miller Media and do me a solid. 

Just the Tip Tuesday (12/09/08)

9 Dec

There are certain things on this planet that are beyond beautiful.  The Himalayas, the Great Barrier Reef, the pink sand beaches of Bermuda.  All of these things created by Mother Nature that make us weep when we see them.  This weeks JTTT is one of those sacred beauties of nature: Paul Walker.

Paul Walker

God love him all he seems to do, aside from make Vangelina Jolie come to life and women (and some men) all over the planet drool, is pick crap roles.  He hasn’t made a decent film since Pleasantville, and that was 1998.  Sure, there have been a few entertaining flicks, like “Fast and the Furious” and “The Skulls”.  But you have to be kidding yourself if you found anything remotely enjoyable (aside from his hot body) in “Timeline”.  Frankly, he should be punished for having participated in that cluster fuck.  Lucky for him, I have the mind to spank him.

Perhaps 2009 will be a better year for him.  He and Vin Diesel have reunited for another movie in “The Fast and the Furious” series.  This one with a really clever and creative title, “Fast & Furious.”   Thankfully for all of us, they’re leaving Lil Bow Wow out of this one.  Plus, let us not forget his most recent project called “Bone Deep.”  I’m pretty sure this is the story of where he wants to put his peen when it’s introduced to my nether bits (AKA my party favors).